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Fiberglass Insulation

For many years, fiberglass has been one of the best insulation types there is that fulfilled its role in providing unfailing protection and comfort to countless commercial and residential properties. It has always been a tested and proven insulation type by many home and business owners, that is why investing a large portion of your savings in fiberglass insulation type will never be put to waste. Because fiberglass is composed of very fine and tiny glass fibers, this insulation material is so much lighter than the others.

Fiberglass insulation comes in two different types that you can choose from, the loose-fill and the batts and rolls fiberglass insulation. Regardless of which you choose, your home will be much more comfortable than it was before the insulation was installed, and it will also solve a vast number of issues that affect its structural integrity. This form of insulation may be used in a variety of areas of the house such as ceilings, floors, and even unfinished walls, making it one of the most popular choices among homeowners around the globe. 

Due to its heat resistance, it’s not something to be surprised that fiberglass is endowed with a high R-value, which is responsible for protecting homes from severe heat and cold that may cause then gradual damage. Although fiberglass is much easier to install compared to other types, it’s still recommended that you hire a professional insulation installer to make the whole installation process easier and safer for you and your family.