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El Cajon, CA

With a population of 99,478, El Cajon is situated in San Diego County in the state of California and got its name from Rancho El Cajon which was named for its box-like shape valleys surrounding the city. Seated in Downtown San Diego, El Cajon has a semi-arid Steppe and arid Mediterranean climate; making the city very hot during summer and cold during winter.

East County San Diego

In strong contrast to the coastal life that the west side offers, East County San Diego has always been brimming with majestic mountains, rolling hills, and breathtaking sparkling lakes. With lots of fishing, deep canyons, hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking locations, East County San Diego makes itself a perfect summer destination for tourists who seek intense east side nature activities.

South Bay San Diego County

South Bay is also referred to as South County and was originally home to Kumeyaay peoples. Today, South Bay is a region that stands in southwestern San Diego County and consists of unincorporated communities and cities such as Chula Vista, Bonita, and Imperial Beach. With a Mediterranean climate, South Bay features hot and dry summers and wetter, cooler days in wintertime.

San Diego, CA

With a population of 1,386,932 people, according to the 2020 census, San Diego, has been named as the “Birthplace of California,”. It is the county capital of San Diego and the country’s eighth-most populous city. The city is known for having one of the greatest climates in the country, with moderate winters and pleasant, dry summers that makes it an ideal summer destination.

Oceanside, CA

The alluring coastal city of Oceanside in the state of California was founded in 1798 and is a well-known summer destination and is famous for its palm-dotted Harbor Beach. Its nearby Ocean Harbor and shops are just some of the best destinations you can visit when you set foot in this historical city. It is bestowed with a Mediterranean climate and a 167,086 total population.

Chula Vista, CA

The wonderful city of Chula Vista is known to be the second-largest city located in the metropolitan area of San Diego. It is seated between two famous downtowns of Tijuana and San Diego that are located in South Bay. Chula Vista has a Mediterranean climate that brings dry, hot summers, and as of the 2010 census, it has a total population of 243,916.

Escondido, CA

The city of Escondido carries the usual hot-summer Mediterranean climate, which means going to this city, you will experience cool wet winters and hot summers. It has been incorporated in the year 1888, which makes it one of the oldest cities that sits in the county of San Diego. Its 2020 census shows that the city currently has 151,038 total population and is expected to grow exponentially over the years.

Carlsbad, CA

The coastal city of Carlsbad, with a population of 114,746, is situated near San Diego California, and is a well-known summer destination with its stunning summer beaches. Tourists shouldn’t miss going to the gorgeous South Carlsbad State Beach and Tamarack Surf Beach whenever they visit this coastal city. Its climate is the semi-arid Mediterranean the produces rain-free summers and mild winters.